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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

CAD Camp!

I am excited to announce that registration is open for this year's CAD Camp in Birmingham. It was just last October that I went to my first CAD Camp. What an experience!

I have to tell you a short story about my experience last year. I attended with two co-workers from my previous company. We drove down from Chattanooga, and as we drove, we were all talking about what we were expecting to learn from the day ahead. We were attending the opening keynote address, and I leaned over to my co-worker and told her that every time I attended one of these events, I was jealous of the speakers. I mentioned that I wanted to be up there presenting. She chuckled and we went on to our first training course.

This year I won't have to be jealous of the speakers. I will be teaching two classes with my co-worker, Alice Craig. I hope that you will plan to attend. Early registration is ongoing, just click on this link: CAD Camp. See you there!

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