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Monday, February 12, 2007

Say Goodbye to ADT

It's been rumored for years. Will Autodesk kill Architectural Desktop? Well, they have finally done it. Architectural Desktop will not be released in the new 2008 line of products. You will have to get used to calling it by its new name-- AutoCAD Architecture 2008. That's right, it's just a name change with some features that are really cool. Autodesk will be releasing their new 2008 product line soon, and one of the biggest changes that the Building Solution Division needs to get used to are the name changes. Below is a summary of the name changes for the 2008 releases.

In the upcoming weeks I will give sneak peeks of some of the new features in the 2008 product lines. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I've just ordered ADT and should have it in hand next week (going from AutoCAD 2005) and have a subscription. Should I hold off for AutoCAD Architecture 2008 before we switch over?

How many days/weeks/months away is the 2008 product?

Mike Massey said...

Then tentative ship date is 3/27. Personally, I would wait.

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