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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Successful CAD Camp

Alacad hosted CAD Camp in Birmingham this week. I hope the ones that attended walked away with a greater knowledge of AutoDesk products. I feel like it was a huge success, but being on the presenting side of the table sometimes muddies the water. I presented two classes, both ADT related-- one on Spaces and the other on AEC Dimensions. Both classes received good feedback. If you were not able to attend, be sure to check out the next issue of AUGI World. You will find an article of mine on Spaces.

I also sat in on a Product Migration Roundtable hosted by Robert Green. This was a useful discussion of how to get new products implemented inside of your company. Robert did a good job on leading the discussion about what we have seen work, and what has not worked in implementation. I recently returned from Chicago where I attended ICE (Implementation Certified Expert) training. I will be sharing some of the information that I learned in the next few weeks here in my blog. The training class was intense, but I was able to pass the test to certify me as an expert. Without getting into too many details for now, just keep in mind that implementation does not equal training. Training is only a small part of a successful implementation. Watch for more information on implementation in coming blogs.

By the way... we will be hosting another CAD camp in Nashville on January 18, 2007. Watch this link AUGI CAD Camp for registration info to be posted soon.