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Monday, October 04, 2010

Revit MEP Pipe Rise/Drop Symbols

I recently had a support call asking about piping rise/drop symbols in Revit MEP. I thought I would share to help explain why Revit MEP shows a rise symbol versus the drop symbol.

First of all, users can change the desired symbol to be used in the Piping Setting dialog box. The defaults are set to a closed circle for rises and a 3/4 circle with a line for drops.

When drawing Pipe, Revit MEP looks at the View Range, the Level Heights, and the height of the pipe to know what to show. If the pipe is drawn between the bottom and the top of the view range, the pipe will show a drop symbol. If the pipe is drawn through the top range, the pipe will show a rise symbol.

You will need to verify what the height of the levels are and the height of the pipe, and then set your top range to be below the upper pipe to show the riser symbol.

A Plan Region can also be used to allow you to have a different View Range around a particular pipe.

Hope this helps clear up the rise versus drop debate.