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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Beefing Up for AutoCAD Architecture 2008!

Wow-- it just keeps asking for more and more. RAM that is. The new AutoCAD Architecture 2008 recommended system requirements are listed below. The one requirement that stands out is the 3 GB RAM or greater. Lets review for a moment. The 2006 version recommended 1 GB, the 2007 version recommended 2 GB, and now we are up to 3 GB. Where will it end?

CAD Managers better beef up those systems.

Recommended System Requirements
The following system requirements are recommended
for effective use of AutoCAD Architecture 2008:

• Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon® processor,
3 GHz or greater
• Microsoft® Windows Vista™ or Windows® XP
• 3 GB RAM or greater
• 3.1 GB free disk space
• 1280 x 1024 monitor and display adapter capable
of 32-bit color
• 128 MB or greater, OpenGL®-capable workstationclass
graphics card


Anonymous said...

I would like you to be sending me free digest every day.

Anonymous said...

Mike, should Architectual Deskstop 2008 run well with a Pentium 1.86 MHZ duo core processor. Autodesk seems to say that it should, but we have experienced some VERY very slow execution of commands with only modestly complicated 3D drawings. The computer has 3 gigs of RAM and a fast gaming card with 256MB and supposedly good for 3D and Graphics (NVIDIA GeFrorce 8600 GTS). Unless there's a problem with the graphics card, which seems to exceed the minimum, the only thing I can figure is the processor. We have Windows Vista, either basic or home premium. Any thoughts?