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Monday, March 29, 2010

Revised #1 New Feature in Revit 2011

I know that I listed a tie between my favorite new features in Revit 2011, but I am bumping both of those for another new feature. This one is not that much of a 'wow factor,' but I think it will save time and make documenting your project so much easier.

What is this new found love?

It is the ability to locate tag placement while Tagging By Category. In previous releases, when tags were placed, you either could choose for it to draw a leader to the tag or accept the default location (which was usually right, smack in the middle of the item you were trying to tag). Then you had the tedious process of moving all the tags to a place where they were actually readable. With Revit 2011, when you choose to tag by category, Revit gives you the opportunity to move the tag right after placing the item, before picking the next item to tag. Revit does this without ending the command so you can continue placing tags on additional items.

I believe this will save time and allow users to place tags in the appropriate location so they are all readable. Even with this nice new feature, there is always room for improvement. It would have been nice for Revit to remember where you have place the tag in adjacency to the item being tagged, and automatically put the next tag in the same place for the next item. Oh well, maybe in 2012?

Below is a quick video showing how this works.

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Lana G said...

you are my Revit hero man! keep up the good work :)